ROMEO Florida Division March 2022

On March 16, the Brothers in Florida had a lunch at Brother Artie Kirk’s home hosted by Artie and his wife, Beverly.

6 thoughts on “ROMEO Florida Division March 2022”

  1. Other woman, Virginia Lamparsky. BJ’s mom, 98 years old and lively as her daughter. We voted her Queen of the March Romeo’s, south.

  2. Let me know next time the Florida ranch does this again. I would love to come and hang out with the ROMEO crew.

  3. Love that Tony Sa smile. His partner in crime JB looking great. Big Bill looks fantastic at his age. What can I say about Brother Art he is fantastic and a great role model for all
    Beverly and Barbara Jo are still two beautiful ladies. Ok Greg Hawk Young needs a shave and will look 20 years younger. I still remember sleeping on the floor of his house several times in NJ
    Nice to see Wylio outside of the Playboy club

    I will travel to the next Romeo Florida meeting if I get notice Hope to see you all God Bless all

  4. Hi brothers, was in Florida the past 2 weeks,wish I knew about the gathering keep me informed for next year , all of you stay healthy be safe god bless

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