Membership Dues Quarterly Report: September 2022

The table on the right shows by pledge class and Brothers who have paid their 2022 dues.

Total amount in our accounts:
Wells Fargo: $10,148.96

Dues Paid in 2022: $4310

This includes a very generous donation in the amount of $1000 by a Brother who shall remain nameless.

Charitable donations or flowers sent in the event that no charitable organization was mentioned:

Ron Yarem: $100 Flowers
Stanley Stronski: $100 for St. Judes

If you have not yet paid your annual dues for 2022 please use this link to navigate to the Annual Dues page to make your payment.

AlphaR. Dennis Swanson
Alpha-IotaChris Posner
Alpha-UpsilonDustin Antonio
Beta-BetaChris Porter
DeltaPatrick Ippolito
EpsilonBill Kennedy
James J. Dowling
Paul DiCorcia
Richie Melvin
EtaCharles Burke
Ed Coyle
Evangelos Stampoulos
Joseph Grillo
Raymond Torella
GammaRobert M. Petracco
Thomas Petren
IotaEdward Esposito
Greg “Hawk” Young
Phil Heery
Stanley “Stashu” Stronski
KappaBill “Learn” Loehning
Cliff Miller
Kevin Alton
Robert Ebner
Thomas “Franco” Daniels
LambdaAnthony Sa
JB Banyas
John Lysko
Louis Saporito
Peter Zanias
Robert Reid
Thomas Haedrich
Thomas O’Donnell
MuDaniel Pocus
Joel Albert
Kevin White
Marc-Anthony Worosilo
Ron Yarem
William Hoefling
NuBarry Migliore
Jorge Barca
Pat Mauro
Robert Powers
Steve Band
OmicronBobby Diehl
George Kostulakos
PiErnest Brattstrom
George Mitchell
Ken Tompkins
Paul Groben
TauGreg King
ThetaArthur Kirk
George Persson
James Masterson
Raymond (Weishapl) Westfall
XiJay Papanestor
Mike Knoth
ZêtaJoe OConnor
Robert Sisko
Thomas Coyle
William Gargiles

If you accidently make the check out to the EBT Alumni Association it will have to value at this time until the checking account has been established.

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