Happy Birthday Greg Young! #75

This was shared with me from Brother Stan Martin.
What a guy!
What a Brother.

Celebrating Greg Young‘s 75th birthday. I drove with Harley (his service dog) from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to The Villages in Florida (according to Google Maps, 646 miles!) to surprise Greg for his 75th birthday. With his daughter Melissa’s help, we surprise Greg beyond belief.

After viewing the ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out) Brother’s birthday wishes for Greg, followed by Art and Beverly Kirk’s singing happy birthday, we went out to celebrate at dinner.

God works in strange ways

Sleeping on the couch this morning Harley barked and woke me up. He heard strange noises and I investigated and found that Greg had fallen down in his bathroom shower. I called paramedics as well as his daughter Melissa immediately. Greg has been taken to a local hospital and admitted into the emergency room. I will keep you updated as to his condition.

Please keep Greg in your prayers for a quick and speedy recovery.

Thank you.
Brother Stan Martin

Brothers Greg Young, Stan Marting and Harley.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Greg Young! #75”

  1. Harley is My service dog and he is the real hero.
    Harley barked to wake my sleepy ass up as something was wrong.
    He heard Greg babble for help behind 2 closed doors. I woke up and Harley was antsy and I heard a slight noise and investigated to find Greg in a closed bedroom in a closed bathroom fallen down in the shower.
    I was under the impression Greg had gone to early church and was out of the house.
    Harley was persistent that something was wrong.
    Harley is an Amazing Hero

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