Greek Sing 1967 to 1971


A huge thank you to Brother Kevin Alton who sent this email earlier today for all of us to reflect back on Greek Sing:

“One of my hobbies is digital restoration of vinyl records. A few years back I managed to get the Greek Sing LPs that covered 1967-1971 and cleaned them up using a professional suite of digital restoration tools. They now exist as mp3’s which take up around 350 megabytes of storage. Would it be possible to make these available to the Brotherhood through the website. If feasible, I can send them to you through a secure Dropbox link.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

It was like a dream come true for me to have this opportunity to post them on the web site for all to enjoy even though I never participated in Greek Sing. The music from Oliver was the used for the song Who Will Buy with a special spin on the words all related to the college.

By the way, you DO NOT need to sign in or sign up for Dropbox, just close the window that will appear by clicking on the “X” (as shown in the picture) to be able to see the “play” button (in the shape of a triangle.)


1967 Blue, Blue, Blue

1968 Pardon Me Sir

1969 My Kind of Girl / The Brotherhood Song

1970 My Lord What a Morning

1970 There is Nothing Like a Dame

1971 Who Will Buy

1971 If We Only Have Love

6 thoughts on “Greek Sing 1967 to 1971”

  1. Kevin fabulous can’t tell you how much I enjoyed hearing these .
    Such great memories!
    Thank you so much for sharing these
    Frank Nero

  2. This was also from Frank that he shared with me in a separate email but I thought everyone would enjoy reading.

    “The blue blue medley was fun
    We all showed up in our seats in a full auditorium dressed in Tau sweat shirts and jeans.

    We left one group early and went into the parking lot where we had parked a tractor trailer.

    We had hung tuxedos with power blue jackets and blue carnations in the order we were lined up
    We changed in the parking lot
    When the curtains opened there was a noticeable gasp from the audience.

    We kicked ass that night,
    I was captain of the middles; the best of the worst 😂🥴”

  3. From Brother Bob Fulton:

    Gentleman, I never participated in a Greek Sing (class of 1977) But wow I was so Impressed.

    Truly amazing,

    Thank you Kevin and Jay for allowing the brotherhood to listen.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and most of all be Safe.

  4. Another comment from Frank Nero …

    Was especially sweet in that Brother Ray Torella had narrowly lost election for student Body President to a Chi brother (ugh)
    They sat in front row while we sang holding up copies of the Independent with the results of the election !
    I had won election as VP however so not a sweep by them.
    The following year I beat Chi Brother who was class President for Student Body President ! However The geek sing win in 67 was special . We had huge celebration that night at evergreen Lodge !

  5. The recent change in the photo was provided by Cliff Miller:

    “Now that Kevin has introduced the awesome sounds of Greek Sing to those that didn’t have the good fortune to have participated; thought they might like to see the original vinyl albums. Pictured cover 1966 to 1970.”

    Happy Holidays,
    Cliff Miller, Kappa

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