Brother Rich Melvin: One of the Shore Conference Greatest 150 Coaches of all Time (#57)

THIS JUST IN … well, it was actually back in September of 2020. Thank you Ken Tompkins and Paul Groben for sharing this article about Rich.

The following is an except from the Asbury Park Press on September 29, 2020.

The Shore has long been home to high school coaching excellence. There’s been a plethora of accomplished men and women who have led young athletes to team success, life lessons and amazing memories.

Here at the Asbury Park Press, we like ranking sports teams, players and accomplishments. When we looked at picking the area’s top coaches, we had trouble stopping.

We found 150 coaches we think have been best of the best. Some go back several generations. The Shore Conference began taking shape as a sports organization in the mid-1930s and we have several coaches from that era – and there’s no shortage of coaches who are still pacing the sidelines today on our list.

57. Rich Melvin, Neptune, boys soccer, 1968-1979

Melvin had a 178-39-24 record in 11 seasons at Neptune, leaving after the 1979 season for Charlotte, North Carolina to help a run a pro team he invested in with the old American Soccer League. Melvin’s Neptune teams won nine division titles, three Central Group 4 titles and twice reached the state Group 4 final – in 1974 and 1979.

Job well done, Rich!

5 thoughts on “Brother Rich Melvin: One of the Shore Conference Greatest 150 Coaches of all Time (#57)”

  1. Rich is a very lively fellow. I believe he graduated from Queen of Peace High School, North Arlington, and from Kean in the 1960s.
    Way to go, Rich!
    Ron Madigan

  2. Rich, You were a legend when i was in high school and my 4 years of varsity soccer at Kean. I think you knew my first coach at Kean in 1973, Basan Nembrikow. Congratulations to a fellow Tau brother. Paul Groben

  3. The one, the ONLY Richard Melvin! What can I say.

    As someone who pledged with him, and then spent the next three years trying to “calm him down” – THAT never happened – I am pleased to share some remembrances of this great athlete and coach !!!

    From the beginning – he was “Hell on wheels”.

    At the end of our Sophomore Year, I was chosen to be the President of Tau in my Junior Year, by the graduating Seniors. We had so many great brothers that were Senior, I asked them “Why me”?

    I was told by President Jim Hynes, that they thought I was the only one who would be able to handle Rich Melvin and his wild crew.

    When we prepared for a “large party” – both he and another great Tau athlete Billy Kennedy – would always want MORE POTATO SALAD! If we were ordering 5 lbs, they would make a motion that we should buy 10 lbs.

    Why did “we” need more potato salad? TO THROW IT AT PEOPLE OF COURSE!

    Our two “John Belushi characters” were always ready and raring to start a FOOD FIGHT !!!!

    But, aside from all that, – he was a “balls to the wall” athlete and there was no-one that could stop him. If someone managed to knock him down, he was right up, and either looking to kick them in the balls, or in some way incapacitate them – so that they’d never dare to do that again. Naturally, Melvin was being guarded by another gifted athlete – JJ Dowling. JJ has spent a lifetime, taking care of Richie from one “battle scene” to the next.

    Did he deserve being in the top 150 Coaches in the Shore Conference – ABSOLUTELY. His record says it all.

    Congratulations Brother Richard Melvin. TRULY – ONE OF A KIND!

    Brother Paul Di Corcia – Epsilon Pledge Class

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