About Us


Sigma Beta Tau’s origins began in 1958 with a group of men, many of them veterans, who decided to form a fraternity different than those that then existed on the campus of Newark State College, newly located to Union, NJ. They did not want to be part of the practices of humiliation that new pledges had to endure at that time. They also wanted a fraternity that added to campus life by providing service to school and community.

Thus began the “service, brotherhood and trust” of the fraternity. With the support and guidance of Professor Frederick Gilsdorf, this small group began a series of meetings with the college’s administration that would lead to the recognition and charter of the fraternity.

At the outset, Tau took a leading role in campus life. Organizing social events, participating in campus politics, stressing academic success, and providing service activities, Tau soon became the leading fraternity at Newark State College.

Over fifty years later the fraternity remains a campus leader atKeanUniversity and the fraternity’s alumni group offers encouragement and support. And significantly, Tau alumni brothers have established an endowed scholarship at the university for active brothers.

Our Founding Brothers

  • (d) Robert Alloway
  • (d) William Belott
  • Albert Bukosky
  • Frank Farrell
  • (d) Lester Fusco
  • (d) Frederick R. Gilsdorf *
  • Richard Handschuch
  • (d) George Hudak Jr.
  • Thomas Icklan
  • Karl D. Jones
  • (d) Henry Legreide Jr.
  • (d) Alex Nagy
  • Joel Pasco
  • (d) Art Salley
  • John D. Schott
  • Robert E. Seale
  • Angelo Segalla
  • (d) George Sisko *
  • R. Dennis Swanson
  • (d) Bruce Wales
  • Bruce Williams
  • Ted Wojtowicz

* Denotes having been an Advisor to Sigma Beta Tau

(d) denotes a deceased brother